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Existing Clients from WINRPG

Welcome to I-Net

On April 1, 2013 was acquired by I-Net System Solutions. We acquired the fine product with the intention of taking the current product and extensively enhancing it bring it current with the features of the current i line as well as support the S/36 and RPG/400 environments

Our Roadmap is as follows:

August 31, 2013 Release 5.0 : The Access based beta for demo is available

  • Upgrading the DB to run in SQL Server to remove the size limitation of 2gb per DB
  • All OLE and ODBC drivers will be supported that accept ANSI standard SQL statements. (Custom driver setup required)
  • Adding the ability to run WINRPG as a service
  • Clean up of the pure System 36 environment.
  • Support for SORT and SORTA
  • Support for ?USER?, ?WS?, ?L'? (Local data area,and ?1-8? amd ?1R-8R?
  • SDA and enhanced SEU

4th Quarter  2013 Release 5.1

  • Converting the client from a standalone Windows client to a browser based ASP.NET client which will allow it to be run in any modern browser from Internet Explorer 8.0 to the IPad and Android devices.
  • Support for Query and true SBMJOB


1st Quarter 2014 Release 6.0

  • New enhanced development tools equivalent to SDA, RLU, SEU, and PDM
  • Added Windows compatibility features and support for SQL Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012
  • Concurrency with Release 6.1 on the Power i
  • Compiler options to run with Windows extensions or only with compliant ILE RPG options 
  • Addition of API exits to use Windows applications with RPG programs.

Mid 2014 Release 6.1

  • Support for RPG Free.

From that point forward there will be a new full release yearly and multiple version upgrades 1-2 times a year.


To engage in this feature upgrade we have had to establish paid support contracts and user based pricing for the product. Current WINRPG Users can upgrade for a discounted rate until 11/30/2013 which includes 90 days of help desk support.


For pricing click here.




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